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Accelerate your startup... now!

The Intelligent Accelerator is a full-fledged startup accelerator for B2B/SaaS software companies - with mentors, workshops, courses, free software, and more.

But this is not your ordinary accelerator.

What makes The Intelligent Accelerator different is that we create an Accelerator program just for you! Our software analyzes your progress to date and then develops a step-by-step plan to get you to your next milestone and beyond.

The Intelligent Accelerator is a personal accelerator just for you.

There is no application. You don't need our approval to get started. You just answer questions about the progress you've made so far and we build a map to your future. Just for you!

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Advanced Programs

Our Advanced Programs are cohort-based, 6 week programs designed for companies that have a Category, know their ICP and have some early customer traction. You'll have all of these if you have completed the step-by-step plan that we created for you (see above). Occasionally we also accept other companies.

Is your company already selling a well-developed product to lots of customers? Do you have advanced systems in place and are ready for growth?

If this sounds like you, we invite you to explore our Advanced Programs.

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