Frequently asked questions

What is The Intelligent Accelerator?

The Intelligent Accelerator is the new way to accelerate your company. It's an online accelerator program just for you. There is no application, there is no waiting to get started. When you finish your GPS (see below), we develop a step-by-step plan for you to move your company forward. When you login to The Intelligent Accelerator, your next steps are the first thing you see.

But we don't stop there. The Intelligent Accelerator provides all the mentors, concepts, templates, technology resources, and provisions you need for your journey. When you achieve a milestone, you'll have the opportunity to meet with us to review your progress. We'll then guide you to your next milestone.

What is the BRIIA GPS®?

The BRIIA GPS is a questionnaire. Your BRIIA GPS score pinpoints where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. It helps us build a plan for you that will move you forward to the next milestone.

The BRIIA GPS builds on concepts developed by Bruce Cleveland of Wildcat Venture Partners in his book Traversing the Traction Gap and the book Play Bigger by Ramadan, Peterson, Lochhead, and Maney. These concepts are used extensively in the BRIIA Accelerator Programs.

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What do the vertical lines on the graph mean?

The vertical lines shown on the image are milestones (M0 to M4). They are derived from Traversing the Traction Gap by Bruce Cleveland of Wildcat Ventures. Each milestone represents a certain level of maturity for all aspects of your company. Here's what they mean:

  • M0 Idea - the moment when you are inspired to create a particular solution or solve a particular problem.
  • M1 IPR - Initial Product Release. Your idea has now been translated into a functioning product or service that a prospect or customer can use to solve a portion of the problem you set out to solve.
  • M2 MVP - Minimum Viable Product. This is the version of your product that solves a "whole" problem. It may not have all the bells and whistles you or your customer would like it to have, but it is a solid solution for the problem you solve.
  • M3 MVR - Minimum Viable Repeatability.This is the point where you start to see some patterns in your business that are repeatable. This includes the profile of customer that is buying your product, the ease with which you onboard your next employee, and the regularity with which you release new product features or enhancements.
  • M4 MVT - Minimum Viable Traction. When you've reached this phase, your company is scaling every quarter. You know how to find new prospects and convert them to customers at scale. You have a really good handle on your customer acquisition costs (CAC) and the life-time value (LTV) of a customer.

What is the Traction Map™?

The Traction Map was created by BRIIA to provide a common framework for determining the maturity of a startup. The Map integrates concepts from the books Traversing the Traction Gap and Play Bigger. One of the core principles of the Traction Map is that the true progress of your Company can never be greater than your lowest score on any Path. As you'll learn in The Intelligent Accelerator, your weakest path will be the one reason an investor will say: "Come back when you have more traction!"

What does it cost?

At The Intelligent Accelerator you get access to all the resources you need to advance your company. You can also tap into the expert guidance you need to logically develop your company. Founders tell us that this combined, comprehensive approach to building your company is very valuable.

To get compensated for the value they provide, most accelerators ask you for a piece of your company right up front, before you know whether that accelerator is going to provide any value to you at all. We think it should be the other way around.

On The Intelligent Accelerator platform, there is a lot of information that is provided for free. We ask you to pay for our courses, but we heavily discount them for founders who are actively building a company. We offer our courses publicly for $149 - $199, but as an accelerator participant, we reduce these prices to $39-$59.

We also ask you to pay for time you spend with mentors, though not all of our mentors have a fee for their time. We have more than 65 mentors and are always adding more. Many of our mentors have decades of experience and have built companies through up-cycles and downturns.

Each mentor sets their own rate and some offer their time at no cost to you. If mentors do set a rate, we ask them to keep it to less than $2 per minute.

We also curate a select set of Provisioners - service providers who understand the startup journey and can offer services to you at a startup-friendly price. Your use of these services is completely optional. Prices are set by the Provisioner.

Every entrepreneur will likely spend a different amount of money on The Intelligent Accelerator because each entrepreneur has a different Plan. If you are starting from scratch (at the M0 - Idea milestone), you will likely spend about $1300 on courses and an additional $100-$500 on mentor time in order to progress to Milestone 2. You'll spend less if you are already advanced in some areas.

After Milestone 2, if you are accepted into an Advanced Program, there is no charge for courses or mentor time. At that point, we ask you to reserve some shares for us to at the same terms as your first significant round of capital. We'll talk more about that when you get to Milestone 2.

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How is this different from other accelerators?

There are many accelerator models but most of them:

  • require you to complete an application and then wait for acceptance
  • take a chunk of equity right up front; and
  • require you to complete the program on their timetable
  • don't customize their approach for your company
  • don't tightly integrate curriculum, mentors, provisioners and special offers into your plan

More recently, many accelerators have moved online and use the "library approach" — they throw all of their resources online and say "here you go". They leave it to you to figure out how to make good use of it all.

We don't do any of that.

On The Intelligent Accelerator, you start whenever you want and make progress on your time line. The plan we put together for you is a comprehensive, integrated guide to building an awesome company...and your plan is probably different than the other entrepreneurs using The Intelligent Accelerator.

We guide you every step of the way. Your plan is broken down into steps so that you know exactly what to do next. We don't want you to waste your time trying to figure out what you should be working on next. We understand that you want to get your company ready for investment and acquire customers now! Your time is valuable, and we respect that.

We believe that The Intelligent Accelerator is the most efficient way on the planet to get you to where you want to go. And, oh yeah, we don't extract a big chunk of equity before you get started.

Why should I save my BRIIA GPS?

When you save your BRIIA GPS, you will be able retrieve these scores and update your progress whenever you come back. Starting a journey on The Intelligent Accelerator is not required, but saving your BRIIA GPS is what we need to know so that we can develop your custom, guided development plan.

What does the score mean?

Your BRIIA GPS helps put you on the entrepreneurial map. If you don't know where you are, it's very difficult to know what path will get you where you want to be.

The scores you see on your GPS are a simplified means of letting you know what work you need to do to build a great company. We can only develop a custom plan for you if we know what point you are starting from.

You'll learn more about the significance of certain milestones and what it takes to achieve them during your journey.


What is an Advanced Program?

The Intelligent Accelerator has two levels:

  • The Foundation Program is the customized, step-by-step plan we provide to companies that are between Milestone 0 and Milestone 2. Once your company reaches Milestone 2, you and we will have an opportunity to discuss your progress and evaluate your readiness for one of our Advanced Programs.
  • Advanced Programs are specialized, 6-week cohort programs that focus specifically on Customer Acquisition, Advanced Category Design and Fundraising. We currently offer a General Business AI Advanced Accelerator Program and a Healthcare AI Advanced Accelerator Program. Additional industry-specific programs may be offered over time.

What is BRIIA?

We believe that entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of our civilization. Without it, we limit our collective progress and fail to solve many of the challenging problems we face.

That's why we want you to succeed. Actually, we need you to succeed!

BRIIA expedites startup development through the creation of unique, guided development plans for each entrepreneur. We meet entrepreneurs wherever they are and help them get to the next milestone and beyond - from idea to scaling.

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all and offer founders a "show me how, show me the way" approach to building a startup. We continuously curate the wisdom of the universe to create a unique path for each entrepreneur!

Have a question we haven't answered? Want to have a conversation about the program? Let us know how to contact you.

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